Sunday, November 11, 2012

Whoops White Hammer ....

I was ATTEMPTING to prime the trim on the soffit today when my hammard fell off my ladder.  Really, I normally have really lousy aim but when there is a bucket of paint, I pitch with 100% accuracy.

And the reaction to my folly was priceless....

Its really warm and mild here today.  Carpe Diem.  Four more doors knocked off.  I decided to just prime and paint these ones and skip the wood filler because its a pain, a lot of sanding and I figured I could redo the doors if need be.

Big points scored for Farrow and Ball paints thickness and self leveling abailities.  It hid the oak grain almost 100% when I brushed it on.

You can see the brush strokes a wee bit.  Its really hard to photograph

I also managed to get one coat of paint on the soffit tirm too.  I'm loving how its all belding together and looking unified.  I will take a picture of it in daylight tomorrow.  My camera flash is a little too bright and really masks the trim detailing.

I am finding the white really makes my kitchen a whole lot brighter but its also made the ceilings seem taller. The soffit being all white brings your eye right to the ceiling.  The cabinets are hung at 8' and when they were wood stain, your eye naturally fell at the junction between the cabinet and the soffit.

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