Friday, November 9, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Light...

A little diversion from the kitchen project today.  I confess, I have a thing for pretty light fixtures.  I always look up and so often, especially in bedrooms, I see something like what was in my daughters room.  A dome bubble light put in by a builder.

It screams BORING.  The quality of light from them isn`t anything to write home about either.  When my daughter outgrew the pink paint in her room and asked for green, I still wanted her room to have a girly factor.  Every girl, even big girls, need some girly in their lives right?

I started YEARS earlier, by scraping the ceiling cheese (stucco) off the ceiling.  I had primed the ceiling when I had pained the walls pink because I had ran out of steam.  With the green request, I wanted something that would make her dark room pop.  I had some left over pale blue.  I thought it would look pretty on the ceiling.  

I started by taking down the old light and adding a fairly simple $9 ceiling medallion.  

 This one gives you a good idea of the blue (sorry it was left overs and I don't know the color number) and the green (Benjamin Moore Gulford Green).

I found a very simple wedding cake chandelier at Canadian Tire.  It was on sale for $30.  I think it looks like a million bucks when combined with ceiling medallion.

Not that kind of wedding cake.... this kind.

When the light is on, it casts the prettiest pattern on the ceiling.  Its very girly without being too little girl cute. 

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