Friday, November 2, 2012

Ikea Drawers Part Two

I have talked about how great Ikea drawers are from from a functional point of view.  The slides are great, they can hold a huge amount of weight etc.  One of the best things about Ikea drawers is that Ikea also sells lots of good drawer inserts.

From this:

These cheapie plastic drawer inserts work but they really don't provide the best organization.  The spots aren't the deepest either so if your like me and you have limited drawer space they don' t work all that well.

To this:

To this:

I can't believe how much more space there is in this SMALLER drawer.  I was a bit concerned going from an 18" drawer to a 15" but I should not have worried!  My teaspoons were always overflowing in the old drawer and now they look lonely they have so much space.

Products used:  Ikea drawers with rational inserts.

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