Saturday, November 24, 2012

What Do Knobs and Karma Have In Common...

What do kitchen knobs and karma have in common.  On the surface, seemingly nothing.  In my world however....

I have this funny shopping karma thing.  When I REALLY set my mind to find something, I generally find what I'm looking for on sale.  My friend Nicole SWEARS that the only time she ever finds deals is when she is shopping me with.

I had TWO such karma moments this weekend.

One happened yesterday.  Our kitchen appliances in this house are 11 years old.  I found our current Frigidaire dishwasher on SUPER clearnace as a scratch and dent at a Sears warehouse a few days after we bought this house.  I think it was 80% off the retail price.  It sat in stroage for three months at my in-laws because it was SUCH a good deal I couldn't pass it up. In its day, it was a pretty good machine.  It has features on it that I have never used.

Our current dishwasher has served 11 years of faithful service.  The other day, I went to load it and realized that the bottom seal of the door was lying spaghetti like on the bottom of the machine.  Its never a good thing when pieces of your appliances fall off.  It still runs but itss far louder than it once was and its only a matter of time before it leaks with a missing seal.

That said, I just helped my friend shop for a dishwasher.  She bought one she isn't entirely happy with.  I often thought that if I were to replace our dishwasher, I'd get a Miele dispite the outrageous price.

Now if you have EVER shopped for a Miele appliance you know that they just flat out don't go on sale.  Miele has fixed pricing at all of their dealers.  A bottom end Miele dishwasher is in the $1500 price range.

My shopping karma kicked into high gear.  I started googling Miele on friday morning and saw, much to my shock and amazement, that they were having their annual two day warehouse sale on friday and staurday!  I hopped in my car and drove straight there.  I waited in line for an hour in the freezing cold all the while telling myself I was insane to be doing this but it was the smart thing to do because there is no way we could wait another year for this sale.

When I got into the warehouse, a brand spanking new SUPER discount (more than 50% off) white Miele dishwasher that had my name written all over it!  I loaded her in the car and ran home.  I paid less for this Miele that I would have paid for an LG or Samsung.

We had to go to Home Depot to get an electrical box to install it.  While we were there tonight, karma slapped me in the face yet again.  Remember those knobs I was looking at on ebay?  Well there they were on sale for half price at Home Depot.  They were 5 for $8 and instead of buying them and waiting for a month to get them, I had them in my hot little hands with no shipping costs.  Four packages of 5 a whopping grand total of $32 for a whole lot of pretty.

I think they go quite well with the Gilmore cabinet pulls from Restoration Hardware. They have just enough metal on them that they compliment the pulls nicely yet are still nice and light looking.  My youngest son walked into the kitchen and asked me when we got the diamond pulls!  I wish I had 20 diamonds that size!!!

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