Wednesday, November 7, 2012

From Drab to Fab

Hard to believe its the same kitchen isn't it.  I find myself just longingly gazing at it.  I have more coat around the stove and on the toe kick before we lose the green frog tape.

I still have loads of decisions to make.  I  have nailed down that I want glass knobs.  The counter top, however, is a bigger issue.

I love carrara or calacata marble or should I say I am obsessed with marble.  It just makes my heart go pitter patter.

all images courtesy of pinterest

Marble sure is gorgeous.  Sadly, it is also miserable to live with.  I have a TINY bit of marble in my master bath and it was stained almost as soon as we moved into the house.  

I am giving serious consideration to Formica FX.  Its cheaper and with a messy husband and three kids I need something that will stand up to what we throw at it.  

Or just throwing in a piece of plywood and faux finishing it.  Danika of Gorgeous Shiny Things did an awesome job on her formerly ugly counter.  Can you believe that is faux marble?

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