Sunday, November 4, 2012

Love Handles

These are the kind of love handles a girl can fall in love with!

I put the drawer pulls on the pot drawers.  Yeah me!  They look as good as I thought they would.  I had to change out the screws after the screw disaster.  Yup that is why there is one missing.  Its still drying.

Extreme close-up - you can see my red ladder in the reflection.

SO pretty!

Hardware is the jewelry of cabinetry.  I've seen many kitchens were the owners sunk all their money into cabinetry and bought cheap hardware or faucets.  I've seen houses in my neighborhood where people have put granite counters in and left the builder door pulls.  It really leaves me scratching my head.  There really isn't a whole lot of functional difference between custom fabricated boxes and knockdown store bought ones.  There is a HUGE difference between good quality hardware and faucets.  Nobody looks at boxes and says WOW.  A gorgeous faucet begs to be caressed.  

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