Saturday, November 17, 2012

Contemplating Kitchen Counters

Its no secret that I am longing for marble counter tops for the kitchen.  I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around picking something else because we a sloppy and messy and I don't think that we can live with a delicate surface in our kitchen.  

I googled and found superwhite granite.  The online pictures I found were stunning.  It is suppose to the one granite that looks the closest visually to marble.  I realized I wanted to see it live and in person.  

I was a bit disappointed.  It was a lot darker grey than I was looking for.  This is the picture I took at the granite place.

They also had a venetian pearl quartz which I believe was actually quartzite (natural).  It was whiter than the superwite.  Both were in the $100 a square foot category.

I also looked quartz.  

They also had product that looked very much like the quartz that was made from recycled glass which the environmental scientist in me thought was very interesting.  It looks almost identical to quartz but is sustainable.  I have big ethical issues with granite and marble.  Granite was super popular 5-10 years ago and is slowly falling out of fashion for marble.  I went into Habitat for Humanity and was shocked at the "used" granite counters people had ripped out of their houses.  The dealer I was at, however, said that they had not used Geos yet.  I am waiting on a cost but they thought it would be similar to quartz.


I think I like the little hint of aqua in it from the glass.  It also has a bit of a beige undertone that I think would work well with my floor.

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