Monday, November 12, 2012

Kitchen Color Questions

My friend renovated the kitchen in her 1960's bungalow last year. The part of the kitehn reno included taking down half of a wall beteen the kitchen and dinginroom. While she loves the ktichen and open feel, she is struggling with paint colors in her new open concept space.

Its no secret that when your in need of a paint color, I am your woman.  I LOVE color and can envision how things will look in all colors of the rainbow.

My friend, however, found herself in a brand new kitchen with a white problem.  She has the new white kitchen, white backsplash, a white framed window, white window trim and a white back door.

Love that clock and a stainless light switch cover would go well with that!

The window.

My frist instinct is go get the pretty Ikea Lidi doors color matched and paint everything that same white.  The door, the door trim, the window trim and the wall above the window and by the door.  That way your eye follows the white instead of seeing the different whites. 

Even with everything painted the same white, the window is still an issue visually because it is so much lower than the cabinetry.  I think the easiest (read cheapest) solution is to do a pretty fabric faux roman blind over the top part of the wall ending just where the glass starts   I think that a pattern like the Sanderson one that pays homage to the 60's nature of the house would be fun.

Of this swirl from Warehouse Fabric.

My photoshop skills are not all the fabulous but you get the idea.  It needs to be the same height as the cabinets and the full width between them.  It will draw your eye up and make the window look like its as tall as it should be.

The bits of wall around this window need to be the same color as the cabinets because there is only a strip of wall on the left hand side.  It needs to blend with the cabinets as much as possible camoflauge that it is off center.  

Lets see if I feel the same when I see it in person in a couple of weeks!


  1. You are a genius! I love the idea of having a colorful valance to give the kitchen pop instead of putting color on the wall. We would also need a valance over the bigger window over the sink. :) Where did the first fabric come from?

  2. Its british from Sanderson.