Monday, November 5, 2012

A Little Background on the Inspiration

I have been surfing looking for inspiration for my kitchen for.years.  A few years ago, I went to Florida to see a friend.  She is a quilter. I was SO inspired by her work that when I came home I starting seriously googling quilting and happened upon Flickr.  I knew about Flickr but I saw it in a new light.  I started searching for kitchens on it and found this kitchen by Supershoppertoo

and this one from Crayfish Avenger

And then I happened upon Devonindustry's kitchen one that made the light bulb pop in my head that made me realize that YES painting Ikea cabinets was not only doable but looks GREAT!  Your just going to have to click through that one because its copy protected and I can't post the image here.

This is Ikea Oak Tidaholm painted white.  It was one of my favorite profiles.  I was very sad when they discontinued it.  This was posted by Photography by Jen

A view of the whole kitchen.  This is an oak kitchen folks.  How great is it?

These parts of all of these kitchens were the start of my design ideas. I really take my time with design and I like to mull over ideas untilI have a solid idea of where I'm going design wise.

The BIG inspiration came from the Younghouselove blog.  They have done over more than one kitchen and the results are drool worthy.

Wow.  Those are painted oak.

This is what they looked like.  How amazing is that?  Hello 1980 meet 2012!

Lastly, the color inspiration came from my Cuz.  She has a FANTASTIC custom kitchen.  Every time I go over, she has to wipe my drool off of it.  Its painted in Farrow and Ball Pointing.  Given her excellent taste, I ran out and bought some FB paint.  My crappy phone really doesn't do it justice.

And last but certainly not the least, the Dec 2011 UK Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms cover kitchen.  The pale blue island.  YUM.

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