Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY Slide Out Kitchen Cabinet Shelf

My kitchen was built with TWO 11" wide base cabinets flanking either side of the stove.  I'm not sure what the builder was thinking other than these cabinets are cheap so lets use them.  They are REALLY narrow and a full 24" deep. Add a single half depth (12") wide shelf in the mix and you have a recipe for a kitchen avalanche.

Not long after we moved in, I got the brilliant idea of making a side out shelf for the one to the left of the stove.  We built it out of plywood and drywall screws.  Its far from fancy but it is awesomely functional.  Its hung on one side by full extension drawer slides.  I think the whole thing cost me maybe $40 but its been so l long, I honestly don't remember how much it was.  

I only ever built one of these because I knew I would some day replace the other one with pot drawers.

We have been using this slide out shelf for YEARS and it has functioned flawlessly until recently.  It felt like the bearings were gone on one of the slides.  I pulled all the stuff out of it and got out my handy dandy LED flash light and had a look see.

One of the screws had worked its way out of the top slide.  I was so excited!  Not many things can be fixed with a single screw and two minutes of your time.  YEAH!

Project for the day is to put the door back on this cabinet.  Stayed tuned.

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