Thursday, November 1, 2012

How NOT to Put Pulls On Your Drawers

Ugh.  What more can I say but a big old UGH.

I went to put pulls on the drawers and when I screwed it in - yes I made a pilot hole - the screw SNAPPED.  

So I filled the hole and tried again and it snapped AGAIN. You can see my lousy paint job over the patch in this pic. I couldn't get the broken piece out.  Panic ensued.

I bought a screw extractor but it didn't work.

I banged my head against the wall a few times for good measure.

I googled Restoration Hardware and Gilmore pull and found that their handles are wonderful and their screws are TERRIBLE.  I found this thread about it on Gardenweb.  I SHOULD have checked with the gurus there BEFORE I tried to install them but honestly I figured for the $12 each, I wasn't expecting any problems.  WRONG.

I went back to Ikea hoping that I could find one lone drawer front in the as-is pile.  I can't say just how lucky I was that I attempted to put the handle on the small top drawer instead of the one with the inset panel.  Had it been the panel one I would have been sunk.

I dug through PILES of kitchen odds and sods low and behold I found ONE last liljestad front.  It was the VERY last liljestad piece that had left!

My Gilmore pulls will be installed with square head screws from Lowes.  Ho hum.

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