Tuesday, January 1, 2013

DIY Ikea Front Hall Organizer

With five people living in this house, coats and shoes are my nemesis.  Our house has ONE hall closet in the middle of the house.  It doesn't have a front closet nor a back closet.  In winter, coast hats shoes boots are a constant issue.  For the front hall, we desperately needed a storage system so gear didn't end up on a heap in the middle of the floor.

Beside the front door, we have this odd partial wall with a pillar at the end. Its just big enough to be in the way but not big enough to create any sort of visual separation between the entry and the living room.  I thought about tearing it out but it was too much work.

On to plan B.  I measured and realized I could buy an Ikea Expedite book case and plop it onto the ledge and secure it on the bottom with some brackets.  Boom.  Instant wall with lots of storage.

The hardest part of this project was dead lifting it up into the fairly tight space.

We were very lucky with this project that it fit in to our spot almost prefect.  It left us just enough room to get at the light switches by the door.

These handy dandy little brackets came with the shelf.  All we had to do was screw it down.

They even came was some covers to to hide the clips.

Not only did the bookshelf organize my front entry quite nicely, it also gives a little definition to the room.  When someone knocks on my door your not looking directly into my living room which is nice.

And even better, when your sitting in the living room, your not staring at at this big ugly pile of coats hanging on the wall.

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