Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rethinking again...

You must be so sick of me rehashing and rehashing my kitchen.  They come to measure tomorrow.  Squee.

I spent the morning cleaning out the top cupboards not because I needed to for the measure but because they are gross.  I mean, really, who would ever eat 10 year old dried lentils - mice perhaps.

I have been mulling a change in plans for my bottom cupboards.  The original plan was to swap out our original set of drawers and a 11" cabinet with one set of pot drawers.  I LOVE those pot drawers I love them SO much, I now want a second set.

If you have been reading since the beginning, you might remember that the I scored the pot drawer fronts on SUPER as-is from Ikea for $10.  They had been discontinued 6 months before and the profile was a close enough match to egg me on.  They were a dark brown like this...

And I painted them a warm white look like this

The problem is, I can't get more of them.  I can only get Ikea, Lidingo doors which are a white polyester finish and a completely different white.  They are the exact same profile though.

They are shiny with a plastic type finish.  I ran to Ikea this afternoon (in a snow squall no less) HOPING to find a Lidingo door or drawer piece as is and super cheap so I could bring it home and damage it.  I found a small, odd sized door for $5 to experiment with.  Score!

See the WAY different colours and finishes.  My existing painted Liljestad is the big one, the new Lidi is the front one.  Not even close.  Yikes.

I gave it a quick sand with a sanding sponge.

I whipped out the primer and did a couple of test spots.  One is on the sanded side, one is on the unsanded side.  You can see the gap in the middle where its the original shiny finish.

It takes me back to my very first test drawer front I did.  It worked really well.  Hopefully this will too.

Now I wait.  I have to let it cure for a few hours before I decide if its durable enough to be viable.  I really want this to work.  If it works, I am going to replace three bottom cabinets with a proper corner unit and a set of 36"pot drawers.

One of these....
and a set of these....

These two cabinets would replace the three cabinets between our stove and oven.  We currently have a dead corner which is a huge of a black hole which in reality is nothing more than a plastic tub grave yard.  I think being able to access the corner in a meaningful way would go a long way toward improving the functionality of the kitchen.

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