Friday, January 18, 2013

Kitchen Counters...Part 4734....

And for the 4734 update on the counters.  I think I might have settled on something.  The current choice is...quartz.  Its a Hanstone that has the most SUBTLE bit of blue in it.

I really want something that is white.  I love marble but I know we just can't live with marble.  We are too messy.  PERIOD.  I need something on my counter that can survive spaghetti sauce sitting, festering for a week.  Quartz can with stand that sort of punishment.  

My friend Nicole recommended a stone place she knows from our kids old school.  Off I went yesterday to find the place.  I drove around and drove around and FINALLY found it.    Its a bit of a tease of a place.  You can see it from the highway but its hard to find on the street.

I hauled home three good sized samples of the quartz.  In three variations on the theme. Seeing them live and in person in my kitchen is SO great!

Can you see who is REALLY happy about them?

  I think it looks quite attractive with the white cabinetry and the handles.  It has a tiny bit of sparkle to it which is almost impossible to photograph.  I like that the "bits" in it are smaller that most quartz which gives a more uniform feeling to it.  

I am very juiced about this.  The quartz from the "source" is $4000 cheaper than marble and significantly cheaper than granite and only a few hundred more than laminate.  I was gobsmacked.  It was going to be $1500 to do just the island in the fancy Formica FX.  

The big decision now is what to do about a stove.  We have a cook top and an oven below it.  I don't mind the oven, but I despise the cook top.  I am not sure I want to cut a hole in a brand new counter for our old, damaged cook top or if I want to replace the cook top/oven combo with a stove or just replace the cook top. 

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