Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Easy DIY Up-cycled Kitchen Storage Jars

A friend posts this very interesting blog about lunch in a jar by Krista and Jess.  They take a mason jar and fill it with interesting lunch foods.  Microwaving glass is so much less scary nuking plastic.  Check out this food porn.

Over the years, I've washed out several "mason" jars from spaghetti sauce.  The jars are awsome pressed glass but the lids leave a lot to be desired.

It hit me the other day that all I needed to do was give the lids a quick spray paint. I cleared the snow of the bbq to do this!


It snowed right after I spary painted these.  I took some really cute shots of them in the snow....without the card in my camera.  Ho hum.

And viola!  Cheap and cheerful and SUPER easy. My daughter has already claimed the purple one.

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