Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Counter and Cook Top

We decided to go with the quartz.  Yeah!

We also decided to keep the cook top oven combo for now.  Our current cook top is a Whirlpool and after extensive googling, I found that the cut in the counter is the same dimension for all of their 30" products.  We do limit yourself to products that fit a 20.5" by 29.5" hole but there seem to be a lot of cooktops that will fit into that cut out.

They are coming to measure TODAY.  Gulp.

I have some decisions to make before the counter arrives the main one being what to do about the faucet.  

Our faucet has a long illustrious history with us.  I bought it for my kitchen in my last house. I wanted a single lever goose neck faucet which was almost impossible to find in 1997.

It looked perfect in my old house.  I liked it so much that when we decided to sell the house, I replaced it and brought it with me.  I still really like it.  Its great for filling large pots.

I am a bit concerned abut drilling three holes into he new counter for a 15 year old faucet.  I keep asking myself if I'm nuts. I'm not a fan of the pull down faucets that seem so popular these days.  I have seen too many that are broken and hang down at odd angles.  

I am hoping to end up with something that has this sort of feel to it.  Light and bright and clean.

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