Monday, January 28, 2013

And...and... and

If' you have been reading my reno in real time, you know just how long its taken me.  Its been quite the process.  I am always amazed at all the DIY superwoman bloggers out there that post about thinking about a kitchen redo and boom their kitchens go from horrid to fabulous in the blink of an eye. Its hard to get a grasp of time frame in blog land.  I have been slogging away with this for months. Its a slow process.

Painting cabinets, while pretty "easy" is a really time consuming process.  There is a lot of waiting around for them to dry.  If your me, there is the waiting around for winter to end.  I have painted almost my entire kitchen but there are four doors that still need to be done and I'm stuck.  I don't have a place large enough in my house to lie them horizontally and let them dry for a few days and it has been below freezing out side for weeks.  I painted most of the doors in the garage but it is unheated so its not an option until it gets warmer out.

Alas we have been living with he doors like this for far too long. I need to figure out where I can paint even it it means doing one door at a time.

Yup a bing bang boom get it done at lightening speed super blogger I am not.  Yup my huband leaves his dirty socks on the floor, my dog snores, my kids fight and my house is more disaster than DIY superstar.  I do hope that my prattling on gives you an idea of what it takes real time to complete a job like I have undertaken.

Some days....

In the mean time, I think I have decided to order this faucet and see what it looks like.  It can be installed as a single hole without the plate thing.

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