Monday, December 31, 2012

My Top 8 Favorite Craft and Decorating Blogs of 2012

The first time I heard the word "blog" was in 1999.  Our computer savvy friend who does start up financing told me that blogging was the future of the Internet and that I ought to be blogging.

Shakes head, I should have listened.

Since then, there are a number of blogs that I have come to faithfully read.  Truth be told, its all about the pictures for me.  I love the eye candy. The following blogs caught my eye in 201 and served to inspire me.  I hope they do the same for you!

One of the first blogs I started reading faithfully is Ashley's Film in the Fridge quilt blog.  Man oh man, she has the eye candy down pat.  I keep coming back for more of her drool worthy quilts time and time again.  Is this gorgeous or is this gorgeous?

From the delicious quilts to the fabric designer, I give you Anna Maria Horner and her fabulous self titled Anna Maria Horner blog.   I'm obsessed with her luscious fabric and her gorgeous blog.  Just look at her sewing space.  I think almost anyone could be creative in that sort of space.

Can you tell where I am going with this?  Yup I'm really into making things or at least dreaming about making things.  My next choice fits right in with this theme.  Ana White is a super talented blogger that starting making furniture out of 2.4's.  Sounds like some bad nightmare from the 1970's and board and brick book shelves but no her stuff is drop dead gorgeous.  Her self titled blog AnaWhite is jam packed with inspiration. This Farmhouse bed is one of her very fist creations.

I think one of the most clever things I saw this year was Censationalgirl's Laundry Drying rack.  Who would have ever thought anything to do with laundry could be beautiful?  Who needs a dryer if you have a hanging rack like this in your laundry room?

Tracie's from Cleverlyinspired"s $10 wood counter also got my attention.  How could you make a counter for just $10 let alone make it something that you'd actually WANT in your house? Yup it sure is pretty and most definitely doesn't look like a $10 DIY special.

Naptime Decorator ALMOST made me want a yellow toilet.  She did a quick paint job and made the most of her 60's yellow toilet.  I never thought I'd use gorgeous in describing a yellow toilet.  But this, is a gorgeous bathroom.

The next blog that really spoke to me this year is Alex and Wendy's Old Town Home.  Having lived in a 100 year old home, their tales of woe in fixing up their house ring so very true to me.  While I loved my old house, I didn't love the crazy electrical or the half demolished back porch we "put up with".  My hat is off to them and the fantastic job they have done with their 100+ year old house.  Those stairs just make me swoon.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for mid century modern, especially mid century modern houses.  Jessie from Cape27 did a stunning remodel on just such a house.  A little Ikea and a lot of DIY creative talent and viola, gorgeous modern kitchen.  Its just yummy!

So there you have it; the bloggers and blogs that inspired me in 2012.  Do you have any great blogs that you follow that inspired you?  If you do, please share, I'm all about finding fresh eye candy!

Have a happy and safe new year!  I am looking forward to a creative and inspiring 2013~

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