Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick Trip to Ikea

I am about to take a quick trip out to Ikea.  Yes THAT Ikea, the one with the monkey.

Lets see what exoitic animal I see today.

Its a rather mundane trip.  Just going to troll the as-is section to see if by ANY chance of fate, I find some more liljestad doors.  Its a long shot but hey, I might get lucky like I did the last two times I was there.

I am also pondering if I can paint the lidi doors because they are the same style ad the liljestad and the more I think about it, the more I realize I really do want one more set of drawers in the kitchen.

Colin and Justin of Scottish decorating infamy painted Ikea and I am 99% sure this is lidi painted blue.

Sarah Richardson has also painted Ikea cabinets many times in many of her shows. The bottom cabinets are painted beige but the top white ones are stock.  I "think" these are the supre glossy abstrakt line but non the less, painted prefab cabinets.

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