Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Boxing Day

I am a day late with the well wishes but Happy Boxing Day.

Ever a fan of kistch, I give you the vinyl fantasy tree - or so it says on the box.  My parents bought it in the 60's and it really was a good "investment".  I also have a boat load of th 1960's ornaments as well.

This little elf hung on my grandparents tree.  He is circa 1950 something and is stamped Made in Japan.

I spent many hours as a kid taking the Santa, elves and reindeer off the tree and playing with them!  Its so fun for my kids to see these guys.  

Christmas is also the time when I haul out my Fiestaware!.  Yum.  I just adore the colours!  The lime and red bowls were my christmas present to myself last year!  I have a full set of dinner plates but I think I need some bowls and some lunch plates added to my collection!

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