Monday, December 17, 2012

Bigger Island

Part of my kitchen rejig involved pulling out a set of drawers that was next to my oven.  In a fit of inspiration, I realized that it would be perfect next to the sink to extend the island.  You can see them in this post and this one.

It was really quite simple.  I unscrewed the drawers and basically plopped them into a new spot.  Think lego for big people.

The blue bowl with the straw is the dog bowl.  My kids thought she would enjoy a straw.  Sorry for the crappy quality photo but its taken with my phone.  Even with a lousy picture you can see the HUGE change that going from orange builder stain to white made.

The new dishwasher!

The kitchen really is coming along.  I am thrilled with the progress. Its looking less and less like a builder kitchen every day!

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