Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thanks Gramps

My maternal Grandfather died in September 1962.  He was a custom home contractor and had a stroke while up fixing the roof of the house he built and the one my mother grew up in.  He died long before I was born which is sad because I clearly inherited his home building gene.

Even as a kid, I was always about nails and saws and WOOD.  I built a lean to play house in our yard and my friends and I spent many, many hours huddled in it.  It felt like a million bucks back when I was 8.

Being the kind of guy my Gramps was, he built not only houses but also a things to make his job go smoother one of which was a set of saw horses.  During one of my childhood building sprees, my aunt decided that I ought to have the saw horses.  They have travelled around with me and been part of my life in many different ways over the years.  They have hosted many neighborhood block parties and been part of many of my projects.

Can you see it peeking out from its duty there.  They have the best 50 year old grey patina and lots of old saw marks.

Round one of painting my kitchen cabinets.  Primer looks so much better than ORANGE don't you think?

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