Thursday, October 25, 2012

Concrete Walls - not

Are you getting sick of me posting what are essentially the SAME pictures of my doors.  Its about as exciting as watching paint dry isn't it?

My oldest son told me the other day that he REALLY likes concrete walls.  I had given serious thought to leaving one of our walls concrete when we finished our basement.  I decided to drywall it because raw concrete is dusty.  If you seal it, it changes color.  

I hit some shops with a friend today and VIOLA, they had concrete walls.  GORGEOUS concrete walls.  SO gorgeous I had to touch them.  And can you guess what I found when I touched them?  ....THIS

Its WALLPAPER!.  Can you believe it?  WALLPAPER.

The company that makes is is  They have all sorts of FABULOUS photographic wall paper. They have some pretty spectacular ones that look like 100 year old pressed tin  with peeling paint that would be to die for on a ceiling.

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