Monday, October 15, 2012

Every story has to have a beginning....

When we bought our builder house 11 years ago, we bought it for the location.  The house, while a new build, had been finished.  Its called an inventory house.  When builders build houses they always have a few that fail to sell for what ever reason.  In order to sell them, they pick finishes for them and sell it as a finished home and often put it up on MLS.  The upside of this process is that you can purchase a brand new inventory house with a very short closing.  The downside, well, it looks like this:

Are you scared?  Its ok, I completely understand.  The builder called the profile Village Oak and the stain was fruitwood.  I'm not shy, I call a spade a spade and this sucker is ORANGE.

I am not sure why, even 11 years ago, the builder of our house thought that an orange oak kitchen was something that would sell a house. I have had neighbors tell me that they would have bought my house but the kitchen was ugly.  Sadly, my kitchen was dated when we bought it.  We figured that we would replace it and taking it "as is" was a better option than "upgrading" through the builder which would have cost us as much as a new infinitely more functional Ikea kitchen.

What I failed to factor into my equation was life.  We had two kids when we moved into this house and soon after had a third.  We ended up doing ended up doing a whole house reno on my parents 1960's bungalow a few years after our youngest son was born and by the time we finished with that, our reno mojo was gone.

So here I am 11 years later, FINALLY deciding to DO something about my orange kitchen.

The doors have good bones.

And I did do a subway tile backsplash years ago that I still really like.  Honestly, it really is the best piece of design in the kitchen.  

I think with some effort and creativity it can be rescued from the 1990's.  Or so I am hoping...

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