Thursday, October 18, 2012


I did a lot of research before tackling this project.  I knew I wanted and needed to hide as much of the woodgrain on my doors as I could.    The choices of products to do this with are limited.  I opted for MH Ready Prep and its giving me quite a smooth surface and filling the grain nicely. The paint dear told me to add a bit of water to it to make it more spreadable and that did the trick nicely.

For primer, I opted for Ins-x Stix. This is some good stuff.  I primed my test door and it was ready to sand about a half hour later.  I am impressed at how well this stuff sticks and how fast.  I've used primers in the past that needed a day or so to cure to the sanding point.

Here are the brown Ikea drawers next to my original orange doors.  In the kitchen, they will never be this close to each other but you can see that, although not the same, they are similar enough that they will blend in together.  I think you get a good idea how just how well they blend in this shot:

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