Saturday, October 27, 2012

My kitchen gets a lot of sunlight, but with the orange oak cabinets, its always felt like a bit of a cave mostly because the window is on the far wall.  I wasn't good or cool like the bat cave but bad neanderthal living under a rock and I should seriously think about taking up cave drawings. 

I have dreamt of changing it up since we moved into this house. I finally pulled a pictures of kitchens that I like and quickly realized that the ones I drooled over always had white cabinetry.  

Have I mentioned that I am surprised at how much nicer my poor old microwave looks with the white doors?  I know I need to deal with that awful shelf its on.  Its a builder special with a really bad mac-tac like faux wood grain.  I'm not even sure I can paint it.  I think it might be time for a nice new piece of freshly painted plywood.  Or maybe a new microwave.  What do you think?

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