Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Mad Dash is ON

The mad dash is on.  The new counters come in ten days and I need to empty out a good chunk of the kitchen before hand.   I spent the day cleaing out my basement.  One thing leads to another and yikes, one mintue your cleaning up your kitchen.

We had a spare shelf kicking around and I told hubs to put it together in the basement.  He put it right at the bottom of the stairs.  Its sort of hard to see it in this picture but egads I`m always bumping into it.  It was time to take matters into my own hands because nagging had got me nowhere.

You know you have an issue when you need to store your storage tubs.  I swear these things have replicated.

The other reason I did a basement reorg is so that I could plug in my little mini convestion oven.  Its a space hog in the kitchen and it needed to be moved for the new counters anyhow.  I moved the shelf over to a more senible spot and bingo.

When you do these sorts of clean up jobs, you always find things that you weren`t expecting to find.  Like your floor :)  When we finished out basment, I scored a beautiful engineered maple floor at a huge discount.  Its a really lovely floor and I really wish I had it all through my house.

I also found what has got to be THE cutest picture my mother ever took of the cuz and me.  I was 4 in this and which would make her 10.  Aren`t we just the cutest little girls!

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