Friday, February 8, 2013

Farfalle Quilty Dreams

We have a good friend who is a finance guy that is always on trend with things.  When I was pregnant with my 17 year old he gave me some career advice.  I forget exactly what it was now.  When I was pregnant with my 13 year old, though, his sage advice was to start blogging.  Back in 1999, I didn't have the faintest clue what blogging was.  The Internet was ripe and new and I never did quite figure out what he meant until YEARS later.  

In 2009 my friend's husband died of colon cancer and I went to visit her in Florida.  As it happens, I have another good friend who lives two hours from her who I also went to see.  She is a quilter and had the most delicious workroom.  I had visited her in 2003 just before I got pregnant with my youngest son.  She had promised me if I got pregnant, she would send me a birth quilt.   Mere days before he was born, there was a ding dong at my door and much to my surprise a huge box.  My lovely friend had made me this.

It wasn't until the visit in 2009 that the quilt bug hit me.  I came home and couldn't get her lovely quilts out of my head.  I started googling and I found Ashley's Film In the Fridge Blog.  Her blog really was the first blog I followed.   Her work is always simple but has a huge impact which is great for a quilter like me.  I'm not as talented as my lovely friend who made those perfect quilt knots on the birth quilt.  

Ashley does lovely things like this.  I so need one of these for the spring.  

I've only ever attempted one of Ashley's quilts but it turned out really well and I gave it to my cousin as a wedding present.  

This is Ashley's version of the Farfalle quilt.

And this is my version.

Its a lovely simple design.  I cut 4 by 6" rectangles of white fabric and used scraps for the corners.  I then squared up the rectangles and sewed them together.  I would write up a tutorial but it was really so simple it really is unnecessary.  

After seeing Ashley's lovely voile non quilt today, I think I might just have to make myself a copy of her latest offering.  A nice light spring blanket is just the thing I need to warm me up from this miserable weather.  Those "sticks" by the bbq are my lovely black eyed susans in the quilt pic.  

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