Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rethinking Lower Kitchen Cabinet Storage

The calm after the storm looked like this at my house this morning.  The giant pink thing is a big pig that travels with him.  I woke up and nearly stepped on him.

I had decided to tackle my stupid blind corner cabinet today.  I dumped everying out of it this morning. You'd think there was a party at my house tonight.  I found 6 sets of ice cube trays in there.  Yup my fridge has an icemaker.

This my friends, is the what our builder put for a shelf in this massive cabinet.  My best guess is this cabinet is a good 48" and long with this ONE puny shelf.  No wonder I have no storage in my kitchen.

Years ago, I found this half lazy suzan as-is at Ikea and MacGyvered it into the cabinet.

It helps but it doesn't fit as well as it could.

I also bought two slide out tray drawers for our one other bottom cabinet from Ikea and jimmied them into the cabinet.  You can see the blocks I used to shim them in.  They are the only thing that has kept me sane in this kitchen over the years.

I had myself connvinced that I was going to go to Ikea today and buy a new bottom corner unit and a second set of pot drawers.  The first set I bought when this whole kitchen rejig started was on super discount and discontinued.  They have a similar profile but its in white and its not anywhere near the same white as what I have.  The Lidi, is a polyester finish and I would have to paint it.  I bought a cheap door as-is couple of weeks ago to give painting a whirl.  It looks ok.  I'm really concerned about long term durabilty.  

While in the store, I managed to talk myself out of replacing what I have.  It was REALLY hard.  The more I thought about it though, the more I realized that I think I can make some really good roll outs that will fit into the blind cabinet.

I found these really cool roll outs form familyhandyman.  They aren't exactly what I want but they are getting into the ball park.  

Now we are talking.

I made a DIY roll out for one cupboard years ago which has given us a lot of stroage.  I think I can improve on it and add a third shelf to it.  The glides on it need to be replaced so its now my new jumping off point.  At the very least, I need to replace the skinny little shelf with one that is a more reasonable width.  I shouldn't be using a 49" cabinet to store plastic sandwich tubs.  Its a huge waste of precious real estate in a tiny kitchen.

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