Thursday, February 14, 2013

Quartz Counters

For the first time in years, I can actually SEE in here.  Its FINALLY bright enough.  And sitting at the island at counter height instead of bar height is SO much more comfortable. 

white quartz kitchen counters

Helga modeling the kitchen.  

white quartz kitchen counters

white quartz counters

Ignoring the top bit that we still have to do....can you believe that that once looked like this. These messy kitchen pictures are pretty embarrassing.  I took these particularly awful pictures for a contest. I must be high on the glue we've been in inadvertently sniffing all day to post these for the world to see.

I think its pretty amazing how good our white stove looks with the white.  The installers even commented on how great it looks.

Next thing to do restore running water.

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