Sunday, February 17, 2013

It doesn't end with the Quartz Counters

In the never ending journey of the kitchen, the counters are in but its not the end.  The fun this weekend was doing the plumbing - more on that in a bit.

I found some more pictures I took on install day with my phone.  They aren't the best because my phone WASN'T the best.  That's right, my phone rolled over and died during this.  Ugh.  When it rains.....

The installers laid down plywood before installing the quartz.

Quarts for my kitchen waiting on the truck!

All the plywood and the hole for the sink cut.  Part of this process was making out island one level versus an island with a breakfast bar.  We had to pull off the support for the breakfast bar and install a sheet of plywood as a new back for the island.  My kids want to paint it with chalkboard paint.  We are in negotiations on that one.

 They put the piece by the fridge in first. 

They had to prop it up because it dove tails over the other piece.  The penguin my mother-in-law gave me is hanging from the cabinets!

Crappy picture but it was two guys that lifted in the big piece.  I asked them how much it weighed and they said over 400lbs!

The island is in!  Lots of clamps.

Here is a shot of what the counter looks like.  The ipod is for scale reference.

Now to the sink.  The big decision was what strainer basket to use.  I seriously over thought this to the extreme. The sink came with a set, but the stopper part was sharper than I would have liked.  We ran out and bought several different designs at three different stores and brought them home and test drove them.  The two most serious contenders were this one ...

And this one....

The top one is a Blanco and the bottom one was Moen.  I really liked the screw mechanism on the second one but the shallow depth of the first one won out.

All of the plumbing is now done and not only do I have a functional faucet and drain, but the dishwasher is also re-installed.

Stay tuned....

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