Friday, March 8, 2013

Waiting for Spring

I still have a lot I need to do on my kitchen before its finished.  I need SPRING to be HERE!

I've spent a good amount of this winter trying to nurse my rosemary plant through a rather vicious winter.  Rosemary is considered an annual where I live.  Its not a winter hearty plant.  I have had this particular one for THREE years!  Last winter was really the un-winter but this year it snowed and it was cold.  I dug this poor little dude out of so much snow this year.

Rosemary vs. winter....and the winner is Rosemary!.  I do think it has made it!  YEAH!

My thyme has made it too but its a much heartier plant and can ususally survive unless it ends up as a frozen block of ice.

I am so looking forward to spring!  The time changes this weekend which means, who hoo, it will be light until 7:30 or so staring on Sunday!

I am REALLY looking forward to some more of these types of days!

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