Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kitchen Make-Over on a Tight Budget

I admit, had I had the money, I would have done a major gut job reno on our kitchen.  I didn't have $40,000 kicking around to do that so I had to get creative.

I also have major ethical issues with disposing of things that are functional. Contrary to what most people think, the number one thing filling landfills across North America is construction and demolition waste.

Our kitchen redesign was completed on a pretty tight budget.  Our biggest expense was the counters which clocked in a $3100 which is a big chunnk of money but a fantastic price for quartz.

Here is the finaical breakdown.

$3100      Quartz Counters City Home Grainte Depot - Snow White Pearl
$200         As-is 30" Lilejestad pot drawers from Ikea
$250         Paint and Primer  Farrow and Ball Pointing, Inusl-x primer
$112         New Faucet
$40           New kitchen knobs  Clear "Crystal" Home Depot in a reno Pack
$140         Bin Pulls - Gilmore Restoration Hardware in Nickle
$350         New Track lighting combo of Lowe's and Home Depot
$300         Trim for island and kitchen bulkhead.
$700          New Dishwasher -  Miele

Total   $5100 approx.

Redoing the kicthen has been a really big on going project.  Although it was a lot of work, the functionality of our kitchen has improved drastically.

YES you can paint oak and have it look good and YES you can paint Ikea cabinets

YES you can mix and match expensive things with cheap and have them look good!

And YES it is worth doing! If I can do it, anyone can!  Its a lot of elbow grease and time.  

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