Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Original Folk Art - part two

I'm having fun looking back at all my old works!  Yee haw.  I started out painting flowers.  Gradually I got a bit more abstract.  
 I eventually hit my angular leaves phase.  I have to say, THIS one is still one of my favorites.  It speaks a lot about me as a person.

I gradually moved from flowers into people.  Truth be told, I am not really so hot at drawing or at painting people.  Yup its true.  My folk art comes from my lack of refined skill.  Shhh I didn't tell you that because well, its not the kind of thing we are suppose to admit to potential clients or collectors.

It completely amazes me what I could come up with that gave the illusion of a beautiful woman without actually making a face.

What I see now is what an incredible portfolio I have.  Wow.  Blow my socks off.  How did this ever some out of me.  The even bigger question is, can I still do it and does anybody even care anymore?

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