Friday, November 21, 2014

Industrial Style TV storage ideas

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Before I was born, in a land far far away.... never mind, it was Scarborough, my mother worked for close to 20 years for the Canadian division of Eddison Electric in their industrial lighting department.  Boring job right?  Not a chance.  She always referred to her office as "the Mad House". I never thought much about it as a kid.  When she took me to visit, I was fascinated with the plant and all the industrial equipment and the red telephones phones they all had on their desks.

The reality is my mother could easily been a cold war spy.  She knew the ins and outs of all the electrical design and production of the funky stuff they build like street lights

 and air raid sirens like this!

They had an eccentric boss who did stuff like release an annual Christmas album.

But I digress.  They also had a really funky 1940's logo.

Where is she going with this you ask?

We really need a better place for out TV.  I'm having building fantasies again.  I know, I know, its about to snow and I'm thinking of spending some quality time in the unheated garage.  I'm crazy.

Well, I have this vision you see, of building a vintage style table cart thingy for the TV and stenciling on that 1940's logo on the front.  Some combo of this

and this

and this$_59.JPG

Some combo like this that I could slap a logo on and feel nostalgic.  Whadday think?  

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