Wednesday, April 24, 2013

As Seen on Pinterest - Re-grow Your Kitchen Scraps

One day while browsing Pinterest, I cam across pictures from someone who had re-grown a bunch of veggies from kitchen scraps.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't obsessed with this idea. There are lots and lots of examples of this working out there in blog land.

I thought this was just the coolest thing and HAD to try it!

After making a salad last week, I very carefully saved the little bit of lettuce on the inside of the romaine.  I chopped the stump to make it fresh.  I dug a spot for it in the planter that currently holds my dead basil.   I SWEAR, that the middle bit of it has grown since I planted it on the weekend.  It is definitely a darker green.   

regrown romaine lettuce kitchen scraps

I am also celebrating the official survival of my rosemary through the winter.  My chives have grown a fabulous amount in the last month or so.  They are all green and spikey now!

This is what they looked like about a month ago!  How is that for gardening progress for someone with a black thumb!

Have you successfully re-grown veggies from kitchen scraps?  If you have, I would love to see them or hear your story!  I have some sad looking celery in the fridge that might just get this treatment in the next day or so because celery is apprently a good candidate for this method.

I really want to expand not only my veggie growing this year by hopefully growing lettuce, tomatoes and carrots but also expand my herb selections.  

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