Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring Inspiration and a DIY Found Rock Inuksuk

The other day, in the depths of this horrid, endless winter we're having, I noticed a little bit of purple lurking under a pile of oak leaves.  I decided to go out and investigate today (and clean up a little) and found this!  Proof positive that spring indeed IS coming!  


crocus garden spring
I never planted crocuses in my garden.  This one just appeared a few years ago.  I figure a squirrel drug it up and dropped it and I am the lucky recipient!  I love crocuses.  I really should plant some more.  They are such a nice happy sign of spring!

Hubby and I went out for a date night last night.  We walked past a cute little garden shop.  The had these little piggy planters.  How cute are these?  A few of these would make the cutest herb garden!  I would LOVE one but at the moment I have no clue where I would put it.  I just love garden art!

pig garden planter

There is a spot on our beach where people balance rocks.  They are not qiute Inuksuk but speak to that general idea.  An inuksuk is Inuit stone sculpture of a "human" that tells you you are on the right path.  I have always been fascinated by these.

Rock balancing Toronto beaches
Rock Balancing
I gathered a few stones off of the beach and brought them home.  

Lake Ontario rocks

I took a few and stacked them up and made myself a mini Inuksuk.

found rock inuksuk rock blanacing

Two feet.

a base...

a body which is part of a red brick worn smooth by the water


and a round head

inuksuk canada inuit

The trick to getting it to stand is picking flattish rocks.  He stands about 15" high.  I think he is a pretty cute piece of free DIY garden art.  He is quite stable and only falls over about once a year.

oak acorn garden

If only I could figure out how to get the squirrels from burring acorns in my garden. 

hyacinth bulb flower garden

 My hyacinth was completely burred under leaves and is a bit pale looking.

hydrangea old bloom dried

Last years hydrangea bloom.

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