Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DIY Garage Door Roller Repair

Wouldn't you just know it. I did my nails last night! I don't usually do my fingers but its a sure fire jinx.

My garage door sounded like it was going to derail this morning. Upon closer inspection, I realized that two of the rollers were REALLY broken. I touched one of the rollers and it FELL on me.

This little roller gizmo is suppose to be ONE piece.  

You can see just how worn this was.  

Really bad.

I had to run out and buy some new rollers.  This is what they are suppose to look like.  They are suppose to not be bent or loose. I opted to buy new nylon rollers over the old steel ones that were on the door.

Goes well with the nice nails don't yah think!

Old, yucky, broken roller.

New roller.

 I must say, I was somewhat intimidated by replacing these.  Turns out, it was easy peasy.  I unbolted the brackets with a ratchet.  

And I popped in the new rollers.  

Ta da!  I ended up replacing four bad rollers.  The door sounds SO much better now!  

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