Friday, September 6, 2013

The Never Ending Kitchen Project

I am kind of scared to admit this but my kitchen project has essentially sat here semi-finished since the counters went in.  I quite simply ran out of steam. I only have a few small-ish things left to do so it was easy to just live with it ...until this week!

I jumped back on the kitchen horse!  I want her DONE!

Please cheer me on here guys because I can really use some encouragement!

I got the primer out and primed the bulkhead prepping it for trimming out.

The current plan is to tile this space with the white subway tiles and put the shelves that were there back up.

Oh yeah!  Fresh white microwave shelf!  This baby was ugly fake oak.

My kitchen smells of Farrow and Ball paint.  Yummy.  I love the smell of it because it smells like clay class!  Its such a nice smell compared to most paint that is made with  synthetic  pigments.

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