Sunday, May 26, 2013

Subway Tile, I've Lost Track of What Edition This Is....

beta fish, blue, Japanese fighting fish

My friend Squishy keeping a keen eye on what is going on.  

subway tile installation, white, vintage

Yucky damage from removing the old counter.

I couldn't get the  trowel  into the tight spot so I ended up  buttering' the backs of each tile.

white, vintage, subway tile

There was a bit of a funny gap in one place so the Cheez-it box stood in as a shim. Maybe they would like to sponsor my blog?


I got half way through this job and realized I really like tiling.  Its been ages since I've done any but I really like the tactile nature of it.  It looks good when its done and its not super hard.  I looked at tile for the bathroom today and I think I've almost convinced myself to re-tile around my bath tub.

 Poor Squishy is traumatized by being moved around so much.  

Grout will happen tomorrow once these are good and dry.

white quartz counter kitchen subway tile

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