Thursday, January 1, 2015

how to get rid of bright paint colors

Have you ever painted a room, only to have the last color show through because your cutting in wasn't PERFECT.  The walls look great but you see little peeks of the last color in spots that drive you nuts?  

Let me share a little secret.  PRIMER.  Yup primer. It is so easy, I didn't figure this little trick out for YEARS.  I love this blue. 

Shhh little secret here.  I LOVE this blue.  LOVE it.  I'm going to paint our bedroom this color and just want to get it out of the family room.  It is from 12 years ago when Martha Stewart was with Sherwin Williams.  Its Blue Ticking.  

If you cut around the edges of your last color with some white primer, your last color will be GONE when you cut your new color in.    EASY.  Well its easy when you have normal 8 or 9 foot ceilings.  

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