Monday, April 6, 2015

Windows 10 Technical Preview

We have a really old HP mini netbook that has been running windows 7 starter.  Its been corrupted and we have had a lot of issues with it.  I was going to change the OS to Linux but thought I'd give Windows 10 technical preview a try.  It has a gig of ram and meets the basic operating requirements of Windows 10.

I downloaded it once and whoa, it took almost 2 days.  I'm a geek.  I am comfortable taking apart computers and loading operating systems.  I wrote FORTRAN code back in the day.  I knew something was wrong.  Yoinks.  I posted my woes to FB and was told by a "friend" my comments were laughable.  Yoinks Guess you know who your friends are when you load a new OS.  I don't have time for people laughing at me in my life thanks.  I hit the unfriend button and moved on to plan b.

THIS is what it looked like after the first download.

I realize this old netbook isn't a stellar piece of hardware but my 11 year old has a lot of fun with it and it fits a basic need.  My expectations were get it running so he can play around with bit strips.

The first go degraded to the above mess, I had no choice but to make a bootable USB and give it another go.  It had a few glitches from installing Windows 10 onto Windows 10 but it worked.

The second time was the charm.  It seems to load internet pages faster than it did before so DS is happy.  Again, our expectations of this machine are basic.

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