Monday, October 13, 2014

Learning to ride a bike...the easy way

My youngest son has been slow on the uptake of learning how to ride a bike.  We have tried and tried.  No go.

This summer, I decided that he was going to do it.  Period.  My mother never learned how to ride a bike and always regretted it.  I didn't want that to happen to my kid.

We tried and we tried.

Yup this is how he felt about it.

FINALLY I googled how to teach a kid to ride a bike and came upon an intriguing method that teaches kids without pedals.  I ran out to the garage and took the pedals off his bike.  YES.  We were doing this.

We did this a few times and boom.  He had it!  Yeah!

This weekend, I upgraded him to the bigger bike with gears and hand brakes.  We went for a nice long ride and turned around when we hit the Leslie construction.  

What a lovely day!

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